When I say that I am sending an Angel I say the Lord's Prayer as Jesus told us to do, and I think of you and your issues while I pray. If you have donated? When I see your name I will send YOU an Angel.

No Limit!

But each time you get a new Angel think of them following you and sitting up looking down and smiling. eventually like me you can do the same for your friends in trouble. Maybe you can't send them Money but you can do what money does and that is lift their spirits asy the Lord's Prayer for them and see what happens somebody else will have a solution... but maybe they aren't even GOD fearing "CHRISTIANS" * They are donig it for luck, or maybe thinking a trade? or maybe they just want to feel superior for a moment because their life is so empty. But YOU you brought them there for the Angels to make a trade. 

Even the bad guys have Angels I am sure, but they are sad Angels simply there to control how these ones get out of line. 

There is always a way to solve our problems an d challenges, if we did not have them how could we appreciate when things are good. 
If you can afford to donate more to my cause I certainly will send another Angel and if not? Then I hope you send an Angel for me each day. Think of how much Evil we could turn around?

"For GOD takes everything and works it for the best for those who love him"
and for those who mislead
A millstone around the neck and thrown into that vats Hell!
But YOU you are a good person, maybe I know you maybe I don't know you in person, but I know you as a human and I am so happy to send your Angel now.

Make sure you name the one Angel assigned to you at birth. Mine is Hoolibar and I yell it out from time to time when I am super excited! Like Now I just yelled it again. Thank you and please reach out to me

if you can. GOD bless you my friend.
​Mark Steven Neuhart